Surviving and Thriving the Holiday Season

During the holidays, routine can become a less important part of our lives! With visiting family and friends, we tend to eat more. We don’t always know how to keep the children busy. Here are a few ideas to stay active and maintain healthy eating habits over the holidays:

Be active outdoors:

  • Have a neighbourhood treasure hunt – ask the children to find specific things (a Santa Claus, a star, something green, a Christmas tree, etc.);
  • Go skating as a family;
  • Make snow people or animals;
  • Go tobogganing;
  • Go for a walk in the park or in the neighbourhood to look at the coloured lights on the houses;
  • Make snow angels;
  • Ask the children to help you shovel the snow in the yard (using children’s shovels);
  • Don’t forget to dress up warmly in layers before you go outside!

Be active indoors:

  • Take the family swimming;
  • Make an obstacle course in your living room with furniture and materials you have at hand: go around the sofa, crawl under the chair, jump over a cushion, etc.
  • Play Simon Says;
  • Make an indoor hopscotch game;
  • Dance to your favourite song;
  • Ask the children to help with the housework (see our October newsletter for more information:

Maintain healthy eating:

And don’t forget the most important thing: have fun!

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I set up a LEAP area so kids can start doing the activities on their own!

- Educator (SK)