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Make this year’s holiday celebration active!

Looking for ways to spice up family celebrations this holiday season? Why not add some physical activity! Gather all of your family members and go caroling throughout the neighborhood, go skating or tobogganing or even go on a
nature scavenger hunt. (more…)

Active games for your Halloween party

Need some ideas on how to keep the kids active during your Halloween party? Check out these great ideas from Active for Life: (more…)

Engaging parents in health and wellness – what are some proven practices we can learn from?

Healthy Start / Départ Santé will be collaborating with an organization based in Kelowna called The Bridge and delivering the Healthy Together program.  Healthy Together was designed primarily for children and youth in care (0-18y) and their families. It has been piloted with children and youth in care (0-18y), aboriginal youth (13-18y) and the general population of children (0-6y) and their families. This program is being implemented with diverse population groups and is working to extend its experience and create adaptations for other populations as well.  More info – Healthy Together Program Brochure (more…)

A new phase of parent participation

We know parent engagement parent, involvement, parent contribution – are all important concepts in promoting health and wellness of young children.  Healthy Start made no exception in developing its evidenced based programming for early learning settings, by including a parent awareness component. (more…)

Picky Eaters

Does your child refuse to eat at mealtime or reject certain foods? It’s important to know that children’s tastes can change considerably, even from day to day. However, children should not be forced to eat foods and food should not be used as a reward. Ellyn Satter, a nutritionist specialising in the division of responsibility in feeding, believes quite the opposite, emphasizing that you must be persistent and serve a food often to children so that they can get used to it. Children should be allowed to look at food and touch it, and taste it only when they feel they are ready to do so. The most important thing is to give children the freedom to choose what they eat. She says that children need to be exposed to a food many times before they accept it.


The Perfect Packed Lunch

Fall is just around the corner and September means back-to-school. Here are a few tricks and ideas to help you prepare lunches for your young child:


Sun safety tips

Summer offers many opportunities for children to go outside and play. However, it’s important to remember the risks of playing out in the sun.


Water in winter?

People might think that water consumption isn’t as important over the winter, but dehydration can occur year round, even in the cold Canadian climate. Here are some important tips on staying hydrated over the winter months, as well as some tricks to put some colourful splash into your winter water.


Why not make the holiday season an active holiday!

Your kids are on vacation over two weeks and already you don’t know how you’re going to keep them busy? Do not worry! We have some ideas for how to relieve boredom and keep your little ones active: (more…)

Trick or Treating @ Home

Trick or treating with a preschooler can be difficult. The weather may turn cold, October could welcome several inches of snow, and a late night for little ones can cause meltdowns. Not to mention the large amount of sugar children receive and having to dodge the many excited older children on the street; trick or treating on Halloween can quickly go from fun to done. Don’t stress! Below is a list of preschool friendly alternatives to traditional trick or treating: (more…)

Playing in the rain

With Canada’s warmest season right on our doorsteps comes more rainy days to take advantage of. Young children can easily grow tired of being required to stay inside all day when it is raining outside. Why not try some activities outside in the rain? (more…)

Making Meal Preparation a Family Affair!

Nutrition Month may be over but we are always thinking of how to incorporate new ideas into our daily routines. Looking back at March we thought we would highlight some of the great ideas we came across! This year’s theme was ‘Eating 9 to 5’ and was geared towards helping Canadians eat healthier while at work or school. (more…)

Surviving and Thriving the Holiday Season

During the holidays, routine can become a less important part of our lives! With visiting family and friends, we tend to eat more. We don’t always know how to keep the children busy. Here are a few ideas to stay active and maintain healthy eating habits over the holidays: (more…)

Active Video Games

Active video games are often thought to be an easy way to move around while having fun with your family or friends. Some people think that they are a good solution for children who do not get enough physical activity.


Active Household Tasks!

According to the Canadian Physical Activities Guidelines, children from birth to 4 years of age should get at least 180 minutes of physical activity per day, at any intensity. Children aged 5 to 11 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily.


Healthy Start is beneficial for everyone, not just ECE’s.

- Director (SK)