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Healthy Start is a bilingual initiative promoting healthy eating and physical activity in early years settings. The Healthy Start training program offers a variety of tools and resources to help you easily incorporate physical activity and healthy eating in your daily routine.  You will be amazed by the hundreds of simple activities to get children MOVING and EATING HEALTHY that only take minutes to prepare and do not require expensive materials.

Healthy Start uses resources including LEAP Healthy Opportunities for Preschoolers, LEAP Food Flair and Active Kids New Brunswick. The resources provide you with all you need to organize child-friendly activities that not only build on children’s physical literacy skills but include healthy eating concepts and much more!


The Healthy Start Sampler is a monthly newsletter for educators and parents. Each issue has information on physical activity, healthy eating, a tasty recipe, and more. Find all past issues here.

Useful Links

The Internet is full of useful information, but there is so much there that it can feel overwhelming. As we come across reputable useful, and interesting sites, we will post them here. Browse our links for recipes, easy game ideas, articles, and more!


The Active Play Equipment (APE) Kit is full of of tools and materials to use during active play.  This bag of goodies is part of […]

Healthy Start Implementation Guide

The Healthy Start Implementation Guide was developed in Saskatchewan.    Its aim is to help directors review the centre’s current practices and suggests ways to increase […]

Leap Activity Cards

LEAP™ is a set of resources that promotes healthy child development and integrates Literacy, Education, Activity and Play. Each LEAP™ resource focuses on learning through play […]

LEAP Manuals – HOP & Food Flair

LEAP™ is a set of resources that promotes healthy child development created by 2010 Legacies Now, with support from the Province of British Columbia.  LEAP™ […]

LEAP – HOP Family Resource

Hop is designed for early learning practitioners, caregivers and families as they interact with children who are 3 to 5 years old. Part of the […]

in motion FITBreak – Resource Link

The in motion FITBreak document was produced by Saskatchewan in motion. Click here to see it (this link will send you to the an external […]

Nutrition Mentoring Handout

In this section, you will find the Ministry of Education’s Nutrition Mentoring Handouts : Children of All Sizes Snacking and Healthy Teeth Encouraging Healthy Eating […]

Fact Sheets and Posters

In this section, you will find our Healthy Start guideline tools, our posters and factsheets. You are off to a Healthy Start  – Practitioner Checklist […]

Parents began using LEAP activities at home!

- Educator (SK)