Erica Stevenson

Erica joined the Healthy Start Team in February 2015 as Project Coordinator. She has a background in Early Learning and Childcare – ECE level 3. She has worked full-time at two childcare centres, then later working at a 24-hour emergency home with the Saskatoon Tribal Council. She has knowledge and perspective working in a childcare setting as an Educator, as well as a parent’s perspective. She has hands-on experience related to the successes and challenges of providing nutritionally balanced meal options and also with the importance of ensuring children are physically active on daily basis.

Erica is a member of the Muskoday First Nations Band. She is open to learning new cultural crafting techniques, as well as learning how to live off the land. She has a passion for being outdoors, traveling, gardening, cooking, fishing and providing healthy meal options for her family.

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