Rebecca Klapwyk

Rebecca comes from a diverse background with experience in recreational programming, children’s camps, ESL, religious and community services. She has travelled across Canada, residing in multiple communities and has decided to settle down in Saskatchewan with her husband and raise their two children here. She has a Bilingual Bachelor’s degree from the department of Multidisciplinary Studies in Health and Environment from York University’s Glendon College.  As part of her university career she completed a year of study at the Université du Quebec à Chicoutimi where she took courses in outdoor recreation programming.

Major interests include sustainability, and as a self-described plant-based foodie, she loves inventing and trying new creations that are both healthy for the body and light on the planet’s resources.  As a mother she strives to involve her children as much as possible in family life and promote physical well-being by walking or biking to run errands, bringing children outdoors by baby-wearing and hiking.

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