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How have you made the Healthy Start approach work in your centre?  What great ideas have you had to get children moving and eating well?  Share your story here or find inspiration in what others are doing.

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Hands-on healthy eating

For Healthy Eating, we’ve been working on making gradual changes that make a big difference. Like, we started using ground turkey and chicken in our tacos instead of beef. We also put out all the taco ingredients on the table and let the children build their own lunches. Kids were putting spinach on their tacos – they never would have tried that normally!

 ~Dundonald Child Care Co-operative, SK

Helping Hands

We asked our separate classrooms to plan and cook lunch for the whole centre. They got into the kitchen and helped mix and make the meal for everyone else. Before we cooked, they had to decide on their meals and ingredients.

~Dundonald Child Care Co-operative, SK

Bowling with Healthy Start

I was inspired to increase the gross motor activities and invitations throughout our room. I have had great success with the Knock down game [from LEAP HOP, p. 48-49], all while following the principles of Play and Exploration! Some of my students (with my suggestion) used our blocks as bowling pins one day. We kept “score” (numeracy) and followed our names on a list. (more…)

Starting a MOVEment!

The children love to get moving! We have been learning the Fundamental Movement Skills (from HOP). The children love to push themselves to try new things, which also gives us educators more motivation to learn, teach, and show new movements.

~Jessica, Kinder Kollege, Kindersley, SK

Arts & Crafts

At Children’s Choice Child Development Co-op (West location), we’ve create little picture books with the children by cutting out pictures of healthy food from a Canada Food Guide poster together and laminating the pages.  The kids like the books because they helped make them, and it gives educators an opportunity to talk about healthy eating.

~Jessica Bates, Director, Children’s Choice West, Prince Albert, SK

Skipping Together

We are doing LEAP activities and working on gross motor skills almost every day.  It was nice to discover that I had not forgotten how to skip and gallop myself!  It was adorable seeing a little boy who’s two skipping with the older kids.  We are located in a school and luckily we have access to the gym every morning and after school, so the kids can run and really move around.

~Jody, Early Childhood Educator, Lake Lenore, SK

Learning to Play Together

Doing the LEAP games not only builds gross motor skills, but it also teaches kids about compromise, sharing and taking turns.  Children are learning that you can’t always win, which is an important life lesson!  Since we have a mix aged group that ranges from 18 months to school aged, we adapt activities to increase difficulty for older children. We played an activity where kids throw balls in a little bucket.  They start close to the bucket and move further away as their skills increase.  For younger children we hold the bucket close to the ground and lift it higher up for older children.  Activities can last from a few minutes to around 20 minutes depending on children’s interest.

~Jody, Early Childhood Educator, Lake Lenore, SK

A Walk in the Park

We walk a lot around the neighbourhood and in school where the centre is located.  Some children are not used to walking, but instead of carrying them we wait for them to join the group if they get upset and refuse to walk.  Within a week or so, the kids will get used to walking and not have a problem with it.  Kids love to do scavenger hunts and roll down the hill at the park (staff do it with them!)

~Robin, Early Childhood Educator, Saskatoon, SK

Snack Creations

At our centre staff and children make a snack together every 3rd Friday of the month.  Since the Healthy Start training we’ve been making Food Flair snacks on those days, like fruit pizza with the preschoolers and apple sauce with the toddlers.

~Jessica Bates, Director, Children’s Choice West, Prince Albert, SK


A LEAP and a HOP

We have been using the LEAP resource activities within our classroom as the movement portion of our lessons, for planning quick body breaks, and for adding large motor play to our recess breaks.  These activities require minimal equipment, using everyday household items and provide clear instruction that even our grade five helpers can understand and implement.  We have distributed HOP recipes to parents seeking recipes that their children will enjoy.  These nutritious snacks and meals are both easy to make and delicious!  Thank you for these fantastic resources!

~Pre-Kindergarten Staff, Fairhaven School, Saskatoon, SK


Fruits and Veggies Galore!

We are offering healthy homemade soups, many vegetable and fruit platters (where kids choose their own foods), and bringing in lots of whole grains.  We’re realizing that preschoolers can really enjoy cauliflower and broccoli!  Yum!

~Jessica, Kinder Kollege, Kindersley, SK

Healthy Start has given me so many new ideas and just made my job easier.

- Educator (SK)