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LEAP™ is a set of resources that promotes healthy child development created by 2010 Legacies Now, with support from the Province of British Columbia.  LEAP™ integrates Literacy, Education, Activity and Play, and is designed for families, caregivers and early learning practitioners who engage with young children. In June 2011, 2010 Legacies Now transferred management of LEAP™ to Decoda Literacy Solutions where it will continue to benefit communities as a legacy of the 2010 Winter Games.

Each LEAP™ resource focuses on learning through play and supports healthy child development through physical movement, healthy eating, language development and early literacy.

Healthy Start has found HOP™ and Food Flair™ from LEAP™ are the gold standard when it comes to promoting healthy, active early years children.

Hot PotatoHOP, Healthy Opportunities for Preschoolers – will give educators and teachers ideas for hundreds of easy and fun activities that incorporate active play into their daily routine. Click here to download the HOP Manual.

Food Flair Food Flair was created by nutritionists and has been adapted for use by early learning practitioners and caregivers.  The manual has numerous ideas, activities and quality recipes that encourage and expose children to a variety of foods and food-related experiences. Click here to download the Food Flair Manual.

We’ve started using whole grain flour!

- Educator (SK)