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LEAP Hop™ Manual

Hop™ is designed for early learning practitioners, caregivers and families as they interact with children who are 3 to 5 years old. Part of the LEAP™ family of resources, the Hop™ Family Resource includes activities and ideas for play that integrate physical movement, oral language, early literacy and healthy eating. (2nd edition, 2019) Hop-ELPR-Hop Manual, …

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LEAP Hop™ Activity Cards

HOP integrates physical activity, early language development and healthy eating for infants and toddlers, from 3 to 5 years of age. The Hop™ Activity Cards contain a set of activities parents and caregivers as the interact with children. Download the full set here.

LEAP Food Flair™ Manual

Food Flair activities help create environments that support healthy eating for young children from birth to age 5.

LEAP Food Flair™ Activity Cards

LEAP Food Flair activities help create environments that support healthy eating for young children from birth to age 5. The LEAP Food Flair™ Activity Cards contain information about nutrition, healthy eating and food-related topics, along with recipes and fun activities to do with children.

LEAP Move™ Manual

Move™ was created for caregivers and families with children from birth through three years. The Move™ Family Resource provides 40 activities in a beautifully illustrated book and is part of the LEAP™ family of resources. Move™ is designed to promote physical movement patterns in infants and toddlers, while incorporating early language and literacy development and …

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Healthy Start Implementation Guide

The Healthy Start Implementation Guide was developed in Saskatchewan. Its aim is to help early learning and childcare centres and preschools review their current practices and suggests ways to increase physical activity and healthy eating opportunities. Would you like to see where you stand on healthy eating in your centre? Do you know how you …

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APE Kit (Active Play Equipment)

Early years programs taking part in Healthy Start are provided with an APE kit, containing all the versatile materials you need to stimulate active play with the children in your care. The materials in the APE kit are tailored to LEAP™ activities. Use these common items/recyclables to grow your own APE kit! milk jugs (bowling …

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