APE Kit (Active Play Equipment)

Early years programs taking part in Healthy Start are provided with an APE kit, containing all the versatile materials you need to stimulate active play with the children in your care. The materials in the APE kit are tailored to LEAP™ activities.

Use these common items/recyclables to grow your own APE kit!

  • milk jugs (bowling pins/targets)
  • old sheets or table cloths (parachute)
  • jar lids & left over ribbon
  • shower curtain rings & left over ribbon
  • kleenex (blow/throw)
  • old clean socks (bean bag)
  • wire clothes hangers & old clean nylons (paddle)
  • duct tape
  • balloons
  • rope or cord
  • toilet paper rolls
  • laundry baskets
  • scrap paper (scrunched up ball)
  • different sized balls
  • hula hoop

What two items from the list of materials could you use to incorporate fun active play ideas for your centre?



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