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How to be active in the rain

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Here are some ways on how the whole family can be active outside on rainy days: (more…)

How to nurture a Healthy start with active play!

Physical literacy is the ability and confidence to move and participate in physical activity in a variety of environments. It is an important part of a child’s development that can be overlooked due to their young age. It is never too early to start age-appropriate physical activity movements that can strengthen a child’s ability to be active.


How to eat more whole grains at home

Do you think your child eats the recommended amount of whole grains
every day? Canadian guidelines recommend that half of the grain products we eat in a day
should be whole grains. Here are some ways to gradually increase whole grains in the diet.


Nutrition Literacy with Healthy Start! Cooking and Learning with Children

Cooking is a wonderful learning opportunity for children. Don’t be afraid to invite children in the kitchen to help you. Whether it’s at home, at the childcare centre or in the classroom, children have so much to gain from preparing meals and snacks.. Encouraging children to help you in the kitchen  will increase their knowledge and curiosity in several areas. (more…)

Engaging parents in health and wellness – what are some proven practices we can learn from?

Healthy Start / Départ Santé will be collaborating with an organization based in Kelowna called The Bridge and delivering the Healthy Together program.  Healthy Together was designed primarily for children and youth in care (0-18y) and their families. It has been piloted with children and youth in care (0-18y), aboriginal youth (13-18y) and the general population of children (0-6y) and their families. This program is being implemented with diverse population groups and is working to extend its experience and create adaptations for other populations as well.  More info – Healthy Together Program Brochure (more…)

A new phase of parent participation

We know parent engagement parent, involvement, parent contribution – are all important concepts in promoting health and wellness of young children.  Healthy Start made no exception in developing its evidenced based programming for early learning settings, by including a parent awareness component. (more…)

Healthy Start is a hidden gem!

- Director (SK)