Combatting Cabin Fever

What can you do with your kids when it’s –50°C outside and you’re stuck inside? There are a lot of ways to stay active indoors without a large space. It’s important to help your kids find ways to move inside, so they don’t get stuck in front of the television.

  • Laundry basket ball (From LEAP HOP). Put a laundry basket against the wall and try to throw balls or other soft objects into it. How far can you throw it from?
  • Put a pillow on the floor and jump over it while singing your ABC’s.
  • Act out your child’s favourite story.   While you read, they move!
  • Dance to your favourite songs!
  • Learn to hula-hoop.*
  • Play some animal charades. One person acts out an animal, the others try to guess what it is.*
  • Relay up-and-down the stairs. Be sure to supervise children and encourage them to go carefully instead of quickly.*
  • Play “Simon Says” with active instructions (balance on one foot; do jumping jacks)

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