Meeting Our Goals!

Healthy Start/Départ Santé is pleased to announce that we have reached our target goal for the first year of implementation – and with 4 months to spare. Since September 2013, 40 childcare centres and pre-kindergartens have joined the Healthy Start movement in Saskatchewan, mainly in the Saskatoon and Central region. Additionally, 4 centres in the province of New Brunswick are also piloting this project.

While we have successfully reached our goal for the year, this does not mean it is time for a vacation here at Healthy Start. In fact, more than ever, things are on the move!

We are looking forward to starting our recruitment for year-2 of the Healthy Start rollout where 40 more centres including those in Regina and Southern Saskatchewan will have the opportunity to take part in this health promotion initiative. The rollout of Healthy Start will also continue in New Brunswick, with 4 new centres set to join the movement. Interested Early Learning Centres are encouraged to contact the Healthy Start team for more details on how to join.

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