Engaging parents in health and wellness – what are some proven practices we can learn from?

Healthy Start / Départ Santé will be collaborating with an organization based in Kelowna called The Bridge and delivering the Healthy Together program. 

Healthy Together was designed primarily for children and youth in care (0-18y) and their families. It has been piloted with children and youth in care (0-18y), aboriginal youth (13-18y) and the general population of children (0-6y) and their families. This program is being implemented with diverse population groups and is working to extend its experience and create adaptations for other populations as well.  More info – Healthy Together Program Brochure

Here in Saskatchewan and in collaboration with our New Brunswick partners, the HSDS initiative is interested in exploring various ways to offer parents of HSDS childcare centres and prekindergarten programs a hands-on experience and group-style learning with parents and children – together. Therefore, Healthy Together is an ideal fit, as it is designed as a family education model, where families register and attend sessions together.  This is an ideal environment for fostering relationships, which is a key aspect of the program. The format and activities encourage shared learning and support for all participants as they make their journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Contact us if you wish more info or to participate in the development of this new opportunity to engage parents in the health and wellness of their families.



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