February 2014 Fitness Challenge

Thanks to all the centres that took part in our ‘Fit-ruary’ challenge, where we asked educators to use a calendar to note the healthy things they did during the month of February.  The centres that shared their calendars with us include Kinder Kollege in Kindersley, Dundonald Childcare in Saskatoon, Hope’s Home in Prince Albert, and Vanscoy Early Learning Centre.

Responses from directors and educators from these centres were incredible!  Some educators were busy doing Zumba and gym workouts before or after work, while others listed activities like walking, shovelling snow and cleaning the house.  Many educators did stretching and active games with the kids at their centre, which goes to show that participating with the children for 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there can add up to hours of activity over the week.  People also listed healthy food choices like drinking more water, avoiding pop and eating more vegetables and fruit.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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