Healthy Start Community Trainer

Did you know that Healthy Start staff aren’t the only ones who lead training sessions? Since 2014, Healthy Start has trained roughly 30 people from across the province to be HSDS Community Trainers – we even have one trainer located in New Brunswick!

Our Community Trainers work in a variety of roles such as daycare staff, teachers, dietitians and more, but they have been brought together with a common passion for encouraging healthy lifestyles. Their role as a Community Trainer is to work in coordination with our staff to deliver regular training sessions in both English and French to early years’ centres. It will be a busy autumn for our Community Trainers as many of them have already signed up for trainings in and around their home communities.

Community Trainers are a key part of ensuring that the Healthy Start initiative will be carried into the future. Thanks to their dedication, Healthy Start will be able to reach many more children!



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