Many thanks Tracy!

What can we say about Tracy? As a team member hailing from Regina and working to coordinate the project for us in Southern Saskatchewan, we can sincerely say we will miss her dearly as she embarks on a new chapter in her life.  Tracy Sentes has been with Healthy Start since May 2015 and we have had the pleasure of benefitting from her professionalism, strong work ethic and expertise on nutrition.

A few things her team mates say about her:

“In my very short time with the team, I have enjoyed her passion, experience, skills, and dedication to the work of HSDS.

“…I have truly appreciated her help, spark and experience she has shared. I want to wish her all the best in her new endeavors.”

“You are one of a kind and an asset to any team!”

 “…having a registered dietitian like Tracy on our staff contributed immensely to our team and our work. In addition, she was an extremely professional and engaged individual, whole-heartedly committed to this project!”

“You shine all the way from Regina and bring a light to our team!”

“Thank you for contributing to the success of this project!”

We wish you all the best!



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