New Healthy Start Community Trainers in Town

With the generous contribution from the Community Initiatives Fund, Healthy Start was pleased to host a Train-the-Trainer workshop on May 13 and 14 in Saskatoon. Fourteen individuals from all over Saskatchewan gathered together for the two day affair. There were representatives from school divisions, health regions, First Nations communities, early years organizations, family resource centres, recreation districts and health promotion initiatives.

The group learned about a number of things including the Healthy Start initiative, what it means to be a Healthy Start Community Trainer and how to deliver Healthy Start trainings. The participants were even given the opportunity to practice and deliver a portion of the training to the group. Not only did the participants leave the workshop with a hockey bag full of resources (APE Kit), they left with an enthusiasm that was inspiring to the Healthy Start team.

We are excited for this new implementation year as we will now be able to reach even more children in Saskatchewan with the help of our new Healthy Start Community Trainers. Please join us in welcoming Donna Coleman Trombley, Shawna Cote, Jodene Demorest, Diane Drummond, Lacy Eggerman, Connie Herman, Chelsey Johnson, Samantha Jolly, Tammy Leoppky, Melisa McKay, Jane Meik-lejohn, Amanda Petit, Janet Regan and Tanis Shanks to the Healthy Start team!

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