Pleasure and benefits of gardening with children

Summer is here and gardens everywhere are growing. If you have a garden, getting children involved in its maintenance is a great way to get them physically active while developing their interest in vegetables and fruits.

Here are some benefits of gardening with your children:

  • Gardening is great physical activity! Digging, planting, spreading compost or mulch, pruning, and watering offer many ways to keep children engaged and active!
  • Gardening is a popular activity for both youngsters and seniors alike. If your center is not able to maintain a garden on your own, ask a neighbour for help. Is there a seniors home or a community center nearby?
  • Growing food can increase the variety of vegetables children eat. The wonderment of food production is a great way to introduce new foods.

But remember, according to the registered dietician Ellyn Satter; a child’s role in feeding is to decide what to eat from the foods offered. In short, as educators we can offer the experience of growing new foods, talk about the shape, color, size of the new food and avoid pressuring a child to eat it if they choose not to.

Want to get started? Check out these links:

Early Learning Gardening Guide,
A Project of the North Okanagan Early Childhood Development Coalition and the Community Nutrition Program of Interior Health

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