Highlights of our most recent survey

In November we reached out via survey to childcare centres and home daycares in Saskatchewan that took part in Healthy Start during over past three years. We were happy to learn that 100% of the centres and homes that responded are still using the Healthy Start program today.

Thank you to the centres that took the time to fill out our survey, and to all the early years educators who are making a positive difference in the lives of young children.

A few highlights from the survey:

Healthy Start concepts still used in childcare centres and home daycares

  • healthy eating concepts – 85%
  • increased opportunities for physical activity – 70%
  • lasting menu changes – 50%

Respondents also indicated that elements of the Healthy Start program are used regularly in centres and homes

  • daily – 40%
  • a few times a week – 40%
  • a few times a month – 20%”




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