The Perfect Packed Lunch

Here are a few tricks and ideas to help you prepare lunches for your young child:

  1. The four food groups:   Include foods from the four different food groups (milk products, fruit and vegetables, meat and alternatives, and grain products)
  2. Colour!:  Use the colour of fruits and vegetables to make your lunch box attractive and fun for your children. Include dark green vegetables, red peppers, or slice a few seasonal fruits and there you have it!
  3. Keeping hydrated:  Without a doubt, your children will have to replenish their fluids at lunch time.  Make water your first choice, or send a carton of milk.
  4. Vary the choices:  Use hardboiled eggs, hummus, tofu, beans or lentils instead of meat.
  5. Choose whole grains:  Make whole grains or whole wheat your first choice for breads and pasta (rather than white flour). You can also vary side dishes by using rice, quinoa or couscous.

Preparing your child’s lunch may seem like a difficult task but if you use the recommended portions and vary the menu, it won’t be that hard! Don’t be afraid to look for and try new recipes!





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