Healthy Start Workshops – Saskatchewan

Healthy Start offers a variety of professional development workshops for early years practitioners. In-person sessions are available regionally in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.

Healthy Start Training Workshop

A Healthy Start training workshop gives you everything you need to increase physical activity and healthy eating within your early years program: information and ideas, tools and resources to keep, hands-on activities, and time for discussions and planning with your team.

During the Healthy Start training, you will learn:

  • About the importance of healthy eating and physical activity;
  • How to easily incorporate active play and healthy eating into the daily routine of early years children;
  • How to use and have fun with your new Healthy Start resources; and
  • How to address challenges to healthy eating or physical activity in your early years program.

After the training, you will be fully equipped and ready to work with the Healthy Start approach. We will provide you with these useful resources, free of charge:

A Healthy Start training workshop is 6 hours long and is typically held on a Saturday. As an alternative, two 3-hour workshop sessions can be scheduled, i.e. on two weeknights after the childcare centre is closed.

Healthy Start training workshops are offered in-person in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, where trainers are available to offer the workshop at your location. Regional trainings are also held for multiple groups.

Healthy Start Booster Workshop

A booster session is a follow up to the initial Healthy Start training. The session will build your knowledge of some of the key concepts around healthy eating and active play that were covered in the 6-hour training. It is also a chance to discuss how Healthy Start is working in your early learning program and troubleshoot any issues staff may be facing. After the booster session we hope you will feel reenergized and inspired to keep improving nutrition and physical activity for the children in your care! A Healthy Start coordinator will connect with you to schedule a booster session.

Healthy Start Refresher Workshop

Refresher trainings are offered to groups that have taken part in the 10-month Healthy Start program but find that after a period of time the activities and resources are not being used to their full potential. A refresher training would be a good fit for a childcare centre where the program has not been embraced by staff, or where there is a large group of new staff who were not at the initial training.

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