Why not make the holiday season an active holiday!

Your kids are on vacation over two weeks and already you don’t know how you’re going to keep them busy? Do not worry! We have some ideas for how to relieve boredom and keep your little ones active:

  • Cook with whole family! Try the recipe “Gingerbread cookie people” (see “Let’s make” above)! Children can help collect the ingredients and utensils, and measuring the ingredients. For more recipe ideas, visit our website: https://healthystartkids.ca/recipes/.
  • Go outside and play or take a walk in the neighborhood! Do not forget to wear layers to stay warm (see our article on the subject on page 1).
  • Create a family orchestra! You can make your own instruments (check this link to learn how to make musical instruments) with what you have around the house:
    • Drum: a pan (or container empty milk) and wooden spoon.
    • Maracas: a container with a lid that is filled with rice, lentils or beans.
    • Tambourine: Two paper plates glued or stapled together and filled with rice, lentils or beans.
    • Bells: wooden spoon (or a few straws glued together) with bells (or small things that chime) attached to the end.

   Then ask the children to play while walking like a marching band. To increase the challenge, vary the pace            (strong, fast, etc.) or try to match steps with the music (big steps = play loudly, etc.).

  • Walk on stilts! Make your own stilts using cans (take a look here to lean how to make walking stilts), string and empty toilet paper rolls (for handles). Teach children how to walk with stilts and then ask them to try to walk in different ways (for example, like a duck or an elephant, etc.).

For more ideas, visit www.healthystartkids.ca.


Reference: LEAP HOP, Legacies Now, pp. 46-47, 88-89, 132-134 and 139-140.



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